How to migrate from v2 to v3

Differences from db.v2


db.v3 will compile under go1.7 but requires go1.8+ to provide support for query cancelation and timeout (via context.Context).

Support for context.Context

Go1.8+ comes with new database/sql features, the ability to pass context.Context is one of them:

res, err = sess.QueryContext(ctx, "SELECT * FROM authors")

New import path

The import path was changed from into

import (

Immutable queries

Queries like:

q := sess.SelectFrom("users")

q.Where(...) // This method modified q's internal state.

Used to be valid on db.v2. This is not longer the case, starting with db.v3 queries are immutable, if you’d like to use variables to compose a query you’ll have to reassign them, like:

q := sess.SelectFrom("users")

q = q.Where(...)

q.And(...) // Nothing happens, the Where() method does not affect q.

This is also true for db.Or, db.And and db.Result:

q = sess.Collection("peole").Find()

q = q.Where(...)

q.Where() // Nothing happens
cond := db.Or(...)

cond = cond.Or(...)

In order to help you finding queries that need to be fixed we wrote an special command line tool:

# Install dbcheck
go get -u

# Use "..." at the end to check all's subpackages.

If you want to see more details, check out our release notes.